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Buy property in marbella

To begin, we will need to pinpoint exactly what we are looking for. Most importantly - for what purpose.

If you intend to invest in the Spanish part of your available funds and to buy a second property (it can even be called a Spanish summer residence), then that is one thing. In this case, you will be comfortable to spend your vacation or holidays at the seaside, and I must say that the Costa del Sol is rightly proud of perhaps the best climate in Europe, excellent service, extensive capabilities for a variety of leisure, all at a very affordable price.

It is quite another thing - if you're thinking about moving to Spain, even if at first temporary and phased. It often happens that the family lives for some time in the two countries, and this step can be short or may be delayed. Depending on your assigned task, we will look for a suitable property that is optimal for you. Apartment or a house, or maybe a townhouse? In our database there are many proposals for a variety of prices and even for the most demanding taste.

How do we help to select and buy a property? Here is the process: 


1) We start with the SELECTION OF THE PROPERTY in accordance with the wishes expressed by the future buyer. We send all the information and photos, so you can easily determine the first choice.


2) When you have selected the required number of options, we will proceed to ARRANGE VIEWINGS of these properties. We agree with the sellers on the display of each house or apartments and agree with you the schedule of their visit. Sometimes the selection process is not an easy task and will take some time before you can find your dream home. However, better not to hurry. As soon as you stop your choice on a certain property, we proceed with the purchase procedure, which usually takes place in three stages.


3) RESERVATION OF PROPERTY. Once you and the seller have finally agreed on a price, the deposit is paid on the basis of which an agreement is signed.  This agreement is on the reservation object and removing it from the sales. In the same agreement, the terms of sale and its basic conditions are negotiated.  From this moment you are accompanied by not only us, but our lawyers who make up legal documents and arrange all the details with the seller's solicitor. Documentation required for the selected object is checked by lawyers to avoid any potential problems. We must make sure that all licenses and permits were obtained and tha there is no debts and encumbrances, and so on.


4) PRIVATE CONTRACT and payment of 10% of the purchase price. This is optional, but is often used stage of the transaction, especially if you need a mortgage or need time to collect and / or transmittal of funds to Spain.


5) CLOSING THE DEAL AND SIGNING OF THE NOTARIAL DEED. This is probably the most enjoyable part of the process, because in the Spanish laws you on the same day and hour become the full owner of the property in this beautiful country and get the keys to the property, including all the necessary documents.


As we have said, all three stages is accompanied by a lawyer, an expert on real estate transactions, which we recommend you. Part of our service - help of the Russian-speaking lawyer assistant who will accompany both appointments and meetings with a lawyer, and to transfer the necessary correspondence. Either the contracts are signed by buyers themselves or in the presence of their lawyer, or, as is often the case, it is done by a lawyer on your behalf and in your best interest by notarized power of attorney that is drawn up in advance.

Professional management team from MG Bonita Home is always ready to answer your questions and give advice for free.

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