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Property managment in Marbella


Buyers of real estate abroad are not always able to spend a lot of time in their new home on the sunny coast. Of course, there are people who have a great opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world, or not work at all for a long time. The majority  in their country and come to Spain from time to time.

We are happy to help you solve any problems that happen a lot after settling down in real estate. If you purchased a house with a yard and a swimming pool, you will need the services of garden maintenance. And for those who provide these services too, sometimes there is a necessary need for supervision.

In the house or apartment it is also necessary sometimes to check the status of all service systems, do the cleaning inside and on the terraces, watering the flowers, if there  are any, additionally there are some emergency situations too (heavy rain, for example, can cause leaks in residential and utility rooms)

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out repair jobs, accept the ordered furniture, receive correspondence in a timely manner, meet your guests and let them have a cozy and clean house in your absence ...


We offer you to get acquainted with the list of property management services we offer. This list may be supplemented and corrected by us at any time.

The list of the main services:

  • Storage of keys from the property;
  • Monthly property inspection;
  • Watering plants in the house;
  • Receiving mail;
  • In urgent cases, we will contact you by phone / mail / fax / e-mail;
  • Direct contact with the company for the protection and monitoring of your home and other counterparties;
  • If necessary, negotiating with leading experts and workers, monitoring of work quality;
  • Monitoring and inspection after rains, winds and other weather anomalies;
  • The constant and direct contact with the customer in case of accidents or other emergency situations that require immediate solutions;
  • Revision of payment of utilities, water, electricity, etc., according to customer's request;
  • Organization of house cleaning, garden and pool maintenance, repair - construction works.


Professional management team from MG Bonita Home is always ready to answer your questions and give advice for free.


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