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Sell the property in SpainLife often presents us with a variety of surprises and unpredictable reasons, sometimes it is necessary to make a decision to sell your property (wherever it may be).

We are pleased to offer you our professional help in this case - if you want to sell a property in Spain. Here is how sales process looks like:



First we need to determine the level of prices for your property. We will conduct its assessment on the basis of continuous monitoring of the real estate market, where we are professionally engaged. The price should be attractive, competitive and of course close as possible to your expectations. The price issue is very important especially when the seller, for any reason, is in a hurry with the sale. In this situation, a significant reduction can speed up the process, but here, the competent advice is needed, which will help to weigh and correctly calculate the size of the discount in order to avoid unnecessary loss of money.


We will make beautiful pictures and write a description of the purchased property in different languages, advertise the sale on traditional and online media, social networks, as well as in our and many other professional sites. In recent years, potential buyers do not take the time and effort to an independent search on the internet, yet always a good agency can facilitate and speed up the selection of objects, view them, as well as helping  with the negotiations between the parties.

On the Costa del Sol, a lot of the most diverse real estate of different quality and at different prices is for sale. And I must say that in recent years, prices have started to gradually grow, cheap good options almost disappeared from the market, the sales of  banks have greatly reduced, and the rate of introduction into service of good new projects remains slow. All this allows the secondary real estate sellers rely on quite decent conditions of their transactions. Especially if they do not hurry with the sale and are not in a difficult financial situation.


Prospective buyers will need the most complete information about the property you like. We will ask you  for the extract from the Real Estate Register, it is called a Nota Simple. In addition, the documents will be needed on the amount of tax and the IBI tax on garbage collection, as well as data on contributions to the Comunidad. We will sign a contract for the provision of all necessary conditions, the amount of commission and the procedure for payment of our agency to sell your real estate services, which will be specified, and so on. As a rule, the Spanish news agency commission for the sale of real estate shall pay the Seller's side, and it is usually 5% of the selling price of the property.


If you live in Spain and are willing to do to show your home to visitors, we will try to arrange viewings at your days and agree on the visits so that you do not spend a lot of time for accepting clients. If you are away or prefer to show the house without you, you can leave us the keys and we will show the object itself. Of course, our main task will be to find buyers for your property and accompany the entire process until the closing of the transaction


a) Reservation.

When there is the buyer for your property, we will arrange reservation property primarily in order to remove your property from the sales in the market. To do this, the buyer has to pay a certain deposit, the amount of which we agree with you.

Usually it is from 5000 to10,000 €, and paid simultaneously with the signing of the reservation agreement, where there are basic data for future transaction and the terms of its closing or the signing of a private contract. We also offer you legal support to our attorneys, who see to it that the transaction documents were drawn up correctly, and your interests are protected as much as possible.

b) Drawing up of private contract and / or closing of the transaction.

The buyer's lawyer will need time to check on your property documents, and if everything is in order, the next step is usually the signing of a private contract with a customer when the following amount is paid - usually 10% of the purchase price. However, there are cases when this step is skipped and they proceed directly to the registration of the notarial deed (Escritura Publica). Real estate in Spain, as in all countries of Latin Notaries, is held in pre-fixed time in the notary office of the city, where the object of sale is located. Evidence of the purchase amount is given to the lawyers, and it is a lengthy and detailed document. Payment is made to the Seller with a confirmed bank check, also paymemt of commission is given to the agency, appropriate amount of the taxes are accounted for.  You also have to prepare only the keys for the new owners and to sign a contract of sale.


If you need other assistance, such as the organization of packaging and transport of furniture and other things, cleaning, gardening, small repairs, etc., and our agency here will be useful to you. All this is determined by the agreement between us, which we conclude with you.


Professional management team from MG Bonita Home is always ready to answer your questions and give advice for free.


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