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Concierge service in SpainBecoming the owner of your own home abroad, we immediately acquire  numerous efforts, and sometimes problems. In other countries everything and always operates in a different way, not the way we used to, and more than that - is not so, as we can imagine.

Even if you have immediately moved to Spain and all the necessary time can devoted to the study of domestic, tax and other matters, you will inevitably be needed if necessary in any other assistance; and if it is Spanish property - it is rather a seaside cottage or an investment for the purpose of renting, many other issues arise. We are very pleased to announce that with pleasure we are ready to help you, and our customers are not left in doubt and confusion. 


Together with our trusted partners, we can offer you a very different set of services, depending on specific customer needs, up to the full introduction program for newly arrived in Marbella:



  • Domestic issues (connection to utility systems: water, electricity, telephone, Internet, etc., the formulation of insurance policies, the selection of the security company for the installation of alarm systems, installation of Russian television and so forth..

  • And also: Maintenance of real estate in the absence of the owners, we will help with the organization and delivery of furniture and interior items, monitoring ongoing in-house repairs, organizing cleaning before the arrival of the owner or tenant, etc.

  • Search and processing of various necessary information;

  • Organization, coordination and participation in negotiations, business meetings, receptions (booking tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, transfers, translation services.

  • Communication with representatives of companies and organizations to address issues that do not require your presence

  • Organization of leisure activities, presentations, events and festivals;

  • Maintaining financial reports

  • Assistance in selection of personnel (teachers, cleaners, nannies, gardeners and others.

  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Spain

  • Representative activity

  • Running your personal errands

  • Opening a Spanish bank account conserge


We can say that, if necessary, you can contact us on any issue and any problem and we will try to help you. All specific tariffs, terms and other conditions, we shall discuss with you personally, and for sure will come to an optimal solution for a reasonable price.

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