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Real estate in Marbella

Property in Spain - this is certainly good buy that can change your life and the lives of your loved ones for the better. Undoubtedly, this is the European country where one finds for itself for the sake of which he had come, regardless of the type of holiday and preferences. After all, travel is possible all over the world, and the rest you need, where you and your family are experiencing maximum comfort. Therefore, many are beginning to be staying in Spain, spending more and more time, and then, often decide on the final move.

Spain is large and diverse country. But we would like to draw your attention to a truly unique place - the Costa del Sol. It includes the cities of Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, San Pedro de Alcantara, Estepona and Sotogrande.


Sun Coast (Costa del Sol) has several advantages:



Buy a property in MarbellaThis is the most southern European resort. Costa del Sol is located in Andalusia, in southern Spain. The climate is characterized by its moderation, there is no sharp wind, air temperature and water drops. This is facilitated by the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and the Sierra Blanca mountain range. In summer, you will not suffer from the sweltering heat and in the winter from the chilly winds.



Andalusia - is traditionally an agricultural region (here you will not find companies that pollute the environment). Spanish authorities deliberately protect it from industrial clogging. Agricultural products of local production is in demand far beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Spain. The beaches of the Costa del Sol are found to be one of the cleanest in Europe.



Cities on the Costa del Sol are famous for  comfortable stay. Locals and vacationers here - are solid and respectable people. Often you can meet the stars of show business, politicians, Hollywood stars. Quiet, friendly atmosphere, a large number of restaurants, supermarkets, nightclubs, concert and sports fields help to create a favorable microclimate.  The beaches of the Atlantic Ocean are known for diving and windsurfing clubs, and the resort of Sierra Nevada is famous for skiing, hiking and cycling routes depending on the time of year.

Here your child can receive European education with quality in the best international educational institutions.

Spanish health care system is one of the best and most modern in the world. In Spain, the state and private health care system are greatly developed. Also there are a number of well-known clinics and hospitals of the European level on the  Costa Del Sol.



Mediterranean - the cradle of civilization. The

Real estate in Spainhistory of the region begins with the beginning of the Roman Empire, a deep imprint in the cultural development of the Moors, the Phoenicians, the early Christians. Many architectural complexes, and often entire towns are protected by UNESCO and included in the list of Cultural Heritage.



Analysts estimate that the real estate market on the Costa del Sol finally stabilized in 2016 and there has been a growing interest in this sector of the economy, and as a consequence of the inevitable increase in demand for housing in the region. All-increasing influx of tourists and foreign investors are doing their job. In part, this contributes to the unstable political and economic situation in other countries, as well as a favorable ratio of quality of life and democratic prices in Spain itself.

On the Costa del Sol real estate is presented for every taste and different financial possibilities, from low-cost apartments and townhouses in closed, guarded urbanizations with gardens and swimming pools to deluxe villas with exclusive architectural layouts and views.

In any case that you choose, your investment would be successful! You can buy apartment or a house that you are interested in at an attractive price, and then be happy to watch both rising prices and demand for real estate in your area.

Owning your own real estate in such a prestigious and favorable for the life of the region, as the Costa del Sol, makes the right of untroubled entry into the country for  you and your family. It also provides space for business (you can always rent your place  out all year), capitalize i, or resell it at a more profitable price.

Investing in real estate on the Costa del Sol you invest in your capabilities, increasing your life potential.


Property on the Costa del Sol

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